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We all have a place.  A space that we created from furnishings, personal belongings and decorative items.  These spaces are what transform a box, into a home. 

For those that know me personally, soon you all kinda will, I like to have the minimal amount of everything, everywhere!  Prior to Claudio, most would describe my home as sterile, staged and uninviting.  I don't cook and the kitchen was for show. I would have been totally ok to build a house without a kitchen, hehe. The only decorative items that were permitted were purchased simply to stage furniture.  I would purposely cover the couch in a massive amount of pillows just so guests wouldn't sit on it!  That was BC 'Before Claudio'

Today, our box is transformed into a home.  Blending both modern and traditional styles.  The kitchen is used often, and the cabinets are FULL! For me, moving furniture around, adding decor to the walls and actually sitting on the couch were a difficult adjustment.  I can only describe it as 'noise'.  My space was now cluttered and I felt uncomfortable, uneasy.... insert deep, deep breath!

Now, a few months later, I love our home.  I love the feeling I get when I walk through all the different rooms.  I love how bright it s and that's it's flooded with natural light!  It is inviting, and even though everything is painted white, it's cozy and relaxing.   I want to sit on our crazy comfy couch, and I admire the art work on the walls.  They tell a story, our story.

The first question I ask clients when doing a space consultation is "how do you want your space to feel".   The most important aspect of design is making sure you are happy and comfortable in your box, your space, your home.  Change is hard, but most times, it is a gift.

Here is a before and after of our main living area. Leave us a comment and let us know which you prefer!

Joanne xo  




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  • Tina on

    I love both but I do prefer the second pic as I can feel the coziness in the room and feels very inviting and lived in !! I love how you can bring different woods and colours together and make it look exquisite !! Great work !!

  • Jamie on

    Personally, I love both for different reasons. The first pick reminds me of when we started getting close again. It is clean, chic and organized. The second pic I love because it’s inviting and I can feel the love and happiness in the room. Although it seems more cluttered, it feels lived in! Thanks for sharing!!

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