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Hey All

I'm sitting in my garage, waiting for paint to dry and was thinking about how I wished my home office looked like it did 'pre-covid'. You know, that perfectly staged, extra room you have in your home. Like the one you see in magazines, that don't actually get used daily? I had one of those, I have a photo.

I actually have a day job, from home now. It requires that I put stuff on my beautiful antique desk that took me YEARS to find, to perfectly stage the room I didn't use. Not only do I have one ugly computer screen, but I have 3!!  Did I mention the sticky notes and garbage from the over snacking because the last thing I ever want to do, is cook anything but toast?  Ok, mostly Nibs, empty packages of them. I'm addicted. Sometimes Toffifee... cause those are just f-ing delicious. But only eat 5!!, cause that's equivalent to an average chocolate bar.  See.. I'm full of helpful tips.

The office... yeah.  It's probably, the most disorganized space in the house now, but it has potential, I have proof! Haha. 

Here is a pic of my office 'pre-covid', I hope it inspires you to stage that extra room, in your home, you don't ever really, need to use!

Joanne xo



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  • Julie Corriveau on

    HUGE fan, and have inspired me to to recycle and bring back to life some of my own pieces.
    Enjoy this chapter 🥰

  • Tammy Urso on

    Beautiful Joanne. You truly are talented!

  • Jennifer on

    Congratulations Joanne your work is amazing and i’m grateful to have you as an amazing friend💕 With your professional advice and enormous help my family absolutely loves our hone ❤️ Looking forward to your blogs 🤗

  • Melissa Warkus on

    Your work is amazing. I keep wanting you to post a coffee bar or movable island for my new place. Fingers crossed. You’re doing amazing. Keep up the great work.

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