Maybe .... Just maybe

Have you ever been sooooo excited about something that you actually have trouble breathing?..... (No, it's not covid). 

I feel this way.  So many things to tell you all, but I have to wait.  How long???? Hopefully just a few days. I feel like I'm 8 years old and it's the week before Christmas and I'm looking at the gifts wrapped under the tree. I'm wondering if the one thing I really really want is there?  Is the box the correct size, what if I shake it, just to get a better idea?  All the pieces are falling into place.  It's almost time. Believe, breath and try to be patient.

Don't ever sit back and wait for things to happen, or wonder why you can't or shouldn't.  If you want something, take a step, a baby step even, then another.  Soon you will be running, in multiple directions in fact. Running after your dream.  You then realise, shit... this is happening! There is always a way, your way, make it happen and don't give up!  

Watch for our live facebook announcement in the next few days....It's big news, big news for us!

OMG!!!!! I Can't Wait!

Joanne xo

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  • Jennifer L on

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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