SOJA&CO - Citronella + Geranium
SOJA&CO - Citronella + Geranium

SOJA&CO - Citronella + Geranium

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Citronella + Geranium —

the dazzling sunlight falling on our shoulders fades out to reveal a golden and enveloping glow. gathering with loved ones around a table game while the barbecue dissipates slowly to reveal a gentle perfume of geranium and a delicate hint of citronella emanating from candles placed here and there

these special evenings during which past anecdotes make their way back into the conversation, just as cherished souvenirs shared with friends on warm summer nights, under the starry skies

Top notes: Fruity, Dill, Sparkling Citrus

Middle notes: Geranium

Base notes: Rose

Why we love it

  • it has been tested and approved as a mosquito-repellent candle
  • its 2 wicks help to burn more evenly across the surface and diffuse the scent more efficiently
  • the fragrance is composed of pure essential oil (geranium) mixed with high-quality perfumes
  • on top of being recyclable and reusable, our tinplate containers lend themselves perfectly to the outdoors life — bring them along and enjoy their unique fragrances no matter where your adventures take you

SOJA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-toxic candle

Burning time: 14oz — 85 hrs