SOJA&CO - Elemi, Bergamot & Saffron

SOJA&CO - Elemi, Bergamot & Saffron

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Elemi, Bergamot & Saffron — 

our curly hair betrays the heavy humidity of the forest, but the song of exotic birds and the breathtaking landscapes - like we had never seen before - motivate us to continue this improvised hike

with our leather sandals worn by the roads of a journey drawing to an end, and in our hands a cold tea with aromas of cinnamon, pepper and bergamot offered by a local  — we take advantage of each puff of air to immerse ourselves in this rich Asian nature: surprising, soft, mysterious. we don't know where we are going, but we trust, our destiny always guides us towards something extraordinary

top notes: saffron, bergamot, grapefruit

middle notes:  elemi, nutmeg, cinnamon, red pepper

base notes: worn leather, vanilla, tobacco, cedar wood, oriental musks

Why we love it

  • the fragrance is composed of pure essential oils (black pepper, cedar wood, lavandin, nutmeg, guaiac wood) mixed with high quality perfumes
  • in addition to being recyclable and reusable, the nomadic collection  's tin-plated steel (tinplate) pots are perfect for outdoor living — take  them with you and enjoy their unique fragrances no matter what adventures take you. wait

SOYA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-polluting candle

duration:  16 oz — 100h