SOJA&CO - Coconut + Wasabi

SOJA&CO - Coconut + Wasabi

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Coconut + Wasabi — 

sequins and high heels, satin and flying hair, the girls are coming to town…heads are turning behind the foursome, who, really, have eyes for no one but each other (and the sushi bar , of course)

enveloped in their seductive scents blending quite naturally with the fruity smell of sweet or bitter cocktails, friends will remember for a long time: glam, pina colada and wasabi always go well together

top notes:  pungent citrus, ginger root

middle notes:  wild wasabi, pink pepper, black cardamom

base notes:  coconut milk, tonka bean, sandalwood

Why we love it

  • the fragrance is composed of pure essential oils (ginger, elemi, pink pepper) mixed with high quality perfumes  
  • in addition to being recyclable and reusable, the nomadic collection  's tin-plated steel (tinplate) pots are perfect for outdoor living — take    them with you and enjoy their unique fragrances no matter what adventures take you. 

SOYA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-polluting candle

duration:  4 oz — 25h // 8 oz — 50h  // 16 oz — 100h