SOJA&CO - Bergamot + Seaweed
SOJA&CO - Bergamot + Seaweed

SOJA&CO - Bergamot + Seaweed

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Bergamot + Seaweed —

The sea symbolizes not only freshness but power, vitality, travel and freedom. It is to feel the open sea, to feel the energy — every time you breathe in, you feel surrounded by sea salt and the scent of...fruity seaweed. The harmony of these scents diffuses softness and makes us enjoy this journey while we take a warm bath — nothing could be more soothing.

Reusable amber glass jar - give it a second life!

SOJA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-toxic candle.

Burning time: 2oz — 12hr // 4oz — 25hr // 8oz — 50hr2oz —12hr // 4oz - 25hr // 8oz - 50hr 12hr // 4oz — 25hr // 8oz — 50hr