SOJA&CO - Antibacterial Gel - Eucalyptus + Grapefruit

SOJA&CO - Antibacterial Gel - Eucalyptus + Grapefruit

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500ml with flip-top lid

Kills harmful bacteria and germs | Non-drying antiseptic gel


Our locally fabricated hand sanitizer gel is made with 95% natural ingredients. It's vegan and cruelty free, made with plant-based alcohol and infused with aloe vera. While being both antiseptic and antibacterial, it's super moisturizing and won't dry out your hands.

A light scent of eucalyptus and pink grapefruit, the most popular SOJA&CO fragrance, has also been added to the formula to add a touch of freshness to the product. No more of that strong alcohol smell!

  • PRODUCED WITH 95% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, ALL AT PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE CERTIFICATIONS: A simple and effective formula with all the antibacterial and antiseptic properties, using an alcohol of USP grade that meets pharmaceutical standards. In our facilities, no technical grade alcohol or alcohol manufactured in a non-technical plant is allowed. Instantly kills germs and bacteria on the hands.
  • VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE: Made with plant-based alcohol (62%) & organic, moisturizing aloe vera.
  • FINALLY, A GEL THAT SMELLS GOOD! A fresh eucalyptus + grapefruit fragrance, our SOJA&CO most popular scent. No more of that strong alcohol scent!
  • RECYCLABLE & REUSABLE AMBER CONTAINER: give your products a second life. All SOJA&CO amber jars can be used again and again. Let’s take care of our environment.

Medicinal ingredient:
Ethanol 62%

Non medicinal ingredients:
Aqua, Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Triethanolamine, Allantoin,
Panthenol, Maltodextrin, Parfum/Fragrance.