Drouin Hand Woven Indian Cotton Rug

Drouin Hand Woven Indian Cotton Rug

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Drouin is an 8 x 10 hand woven Indian cotton weave dhurrie rug with hand stamped block print design and fringed edges. Dhurrie is the Indian term for rug.


  • 118.9" Long Rug

    The Drouin rug, measuring 118.9" long by 94.9" wide, is a beautiful piece that adds a trendy accent to your space. 

  • Indian Cotton Construction

    The Drouin, an area rug skillfully woven from Indian cotton, is a beautiful and unique addition to your space. 

  • Spectacular Color

    The Drouin is finished in a beige color, making it a stunning rug that is sure to be the perfect accent in your space. 

  • Elegant/Modern Inspired Design

    Featuring a stunning design that flaunts clean lines and subtle curves, this rug makes for a gorgeous addition to spaces based on the elegant or modern design style.