Alpaca Pom Keychain - Black

Alpaca Pom Keychain - Black

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Always know where your keys are with this ultrasoft keychain, with a circular clip for easy attachment & removal. While great for keys, this also acts as an accessory to attach to bags and zippers too!

Made from 100% ethically-harvested, silky-smooth baby alpaca fur by independent Peruvian artisans. No animal cruelty was involved in the harvesting of this fur. It features hand-stitched leather, with a generous pom that is exceptionally soft to the touch.

Alpaca fibre is naturally resistant to pilling and matting, along with being water and stain-resistant.

A great addition for those who like a little flare in their day, and who want an easy-to-find accessory for their keys. A lovely attachment to hang on gift bags.